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P35-001 - 0.6mm Screw heads
0.6mm dia "-" screw heads set(100pcs)
Price: 8.00
Out of Stock
P35-003 - 0.9mm Screw heads
0.9mm dia "-" screw heads set (100pcs)
Price: 8.00
Out of Stock
P35-004 - Barrel set  for DML Sherman Firefly
17 pder Metal Barrel set for DML Sherman Firefly
Price: 5.50
Out of Stock

P35-006 - 3.7mm Metal barrel
3.7mm Metal barrel for Pz 38(t) (Tristar kit)
Price: 3.50
P35-007 - Char B1Bis
Char B1Bis Metal barrel set for Tamiya
Price: 6.90
Out of Stock
P35-008 - Sherman Firefly Barrel set
17 pder Metal Barrel set for Tasca Sherman Firefly
Price: 4.70
Out of Stock

P35-009 - 77mm Metal barrel
77mm Metal barrel set w/Canvas cover for Bronco Comet
Price: 10.30
Out of Stock
P35-010 - Strumtiger Barrel
Strumtiger Barrel (resin) w/Brass inner tube
Price: 12.50
Out of Stock
P35-012 - Grenade Launcher
Mk19 Grenade Launcher barrel set
Price: 4.40
Out of Stock

P35-014 - BESA Mk.3
BESA Mk.3 for WWII British Tanks
Price: 8.00
Out of Stock
P35-015 - Hetzer Metal Barrel
Hetzer Metal Barrel set for Tamiya
Price: 4.70
P35-016 - 75mm Barrel set
75mm Barrel set for Sherman (Early) for Tasca
Price: 4.80
Out of Stock

P35-017 - 75mm Barrel set
75mm Barrel set for Sherman (Late) for Tasca
Price: 4.50
Out of Stock
P35-018 - Czech CB37MG Metal barrel
Czech CB37MG Metal barrel set
Price: 12.00
Out of Stock
P35-019 - 15cm Metal Barrel
15cm Metal Barrel set for sFH18 & Hummel
Price: 8.80

P35-020 - 2 Antenna set
2 Antenna set for German Tanks (3pcs)
Price: 5.60
Out of Stock
P35-021 - Hetzer PE set
Hetzer PE set for Tamiya
Price: 6.70
P35-021V - Hetzer Value set
Hetzer Value set (PE, Barrel, 1x2m Antenna) for Tamiya
Price: 11.20

P35-022 - German 3ton Cargo Truck
German 3ton Cargo Truck PE set for Tamiya
Price: 8.00
P35-023 - Metal barrel set
2cm Flak 38 Metal barrel set
Price: 7.60
Out of Stock
P35-024 - 3.7cm Metal Barrel set
3.7cm Metal Barrel set for DML 38(t)
Price: 3.00
Out of Stock

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